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or you could try dice city. im gonna try to download it sometime today

13th February 2005 07:02

if you have it on easy then always snipe! you can get 50+ kills :tommygun:

13th February 2005 07:02

looks good, cant wait for it to come out!!! I have already downloaded the latest version

15th February 2005 10:02

have you released it yet??? And do you have any idea when you will if not???

17th February 2005 09:02

you could try putting your parachute out on it??? I doubt if it will work but its worth a try

17th February 2005 09:02

you make water by just lowering the height until you see it. i dont know how to fix that prob though...

17th February 2005 09:02

i would get the dice city mod too. its very good

17th February 2005 09:02

whenever i try to play a map on the bushwar mod it gets a certain way then crashes to the desktop. t...

17th February 2005 09:02

i agree- if i can im the machine gunner in the transport or i hang around with a wrench and repair i...

26th February 2005 06:02

yeah its like that on mine most of the time...it does the first bit faster then take hours on the re...

26th February 2005 07:02

i think its just to look good

26th February 2005 08:02

lol...why not brits while theyre at it???

26th February 2005 08:02

yeah i know the mod youre talking about...not very good really

26th February 2005 08:02

im glad you increased the m21/m14 clip sizes- they really needed to be bigger

3rd March 2005 16:03

it rocks!!!!!!!!!

6th March 2005 07:03

shut up the mods (both of them) are amazing FULL STOP

10th March 2005 18:03