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And Also My Maps Name Is Edf%_%_ Is Stead Of What It Should Be, Why?

28th June 2007 06:06

I did upgrade it... so i must have done some thing. and all the other stuff you told me is working f...

28th June 2007 08:06

How do you change names because I want to change an Ewok to a jedi???:confused::confused::confused:...

28th June 2007 10:06

i mean to change yoda to ewok jedi! can you give me the path to yoda in editlocalized? plaese

29th June 2007 02:06

for some odd resen my vehicals wont spawn when im playing!!! any ideas???

29th June 2007 13:06

I mean i have the msh files but no odfs or reqs, any tips on creating them. and when i tried, they...

1st July 2007 11:07

forget the tankz thing i figured it out it was setmemory pool size dadada and so on but all of the...

29th June 2007 15:06

heres the screen shouts

30th June 2007 01:06

how do you add custom objects. i have all the files needed

30th June 2007 04:06

*$Lil Jay$*;3762384You mean those vehicles? thoes and some of the objects from the "secret sociaty...

30th June 2007 05:06

and how come when i add obj to my map when i try to run it it always crashes?:mad:

30th June 2007 05:06

anybody know what thoes square thingys are???

30th June 2007 06:06

I have a brand new 400$ video card

1st July 2007 11:07


17th July 2007 03:07

in my map for SOME resen, i can only spawn as the rep not cis at all. if you click cis it just spawn...

17th July 2007 07:07

Zahadoom;37567001z2x3c, don't double post or triple post, it makes the thread look bad. what do you...

27th June 2007 08:06

where on that site dos it tell you how to do the noname thing?

2nd August 2007 23:08

remember to keep the cool skins tread in your hearts always!!!

31st July 2007 08:07

look up it tells all any one know why? its driving me nutz

31st July 2007 08:07

dedicated server not server from your game!!! but yes you are right.

1st August 2007 12:08

it does work all you have to do is change the order like this: AddShield = 50 MaxShield = 500 lik...

2nd August 2007 03:08

the gungans already have a boomer and ur forgeting vehicalls like the mtt and others like the giant...

2nd August 2007 03:08

... oh im a dunbass

2nd August 2007 06:08

sucks to be you bounty potato

2nd August 2007 07:08

??? i still want to know how and i dont get what ur signature is

3rd August 2007 01:08