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I did DUR!!! im not stupid. but thankx for the advice

21st July 2007 03:07

what ur cp stats

3rd August 2007 01:08

i cant find it plz help C:\BF2_ModTools\ToolsFL\Bin\luac.exe: ..\..\common\scripts\NGH\NGHc_con.lua...

3rd August 2007 16:08

where can i get a dedicated server for windows vista??? or windows(any)

10th August 2007 07:08


10th August 2007 08:08

how do you get a server thats in the internet tab not local.

12th August 2007 08:08

help with unlocked wepons how do you use the unlocked wepons???

13th August 2007 09:08

famba sheild not working

17th August 2007 03:08

my second skin its my shadow scout with the trooper body and this thread wont die as long a...

31st July 2007 07:07

any one see any thing wrong with the local stuff? -- -- Copyright (c) 2005 Pandemic Studios, LLC....

20th July 2007 15:07

how do you open it through mod tools???

17th July 2007 08:07

any one know how to make a custom loading screen??? or any tutorials on how?

18th July 2007 11:07

at step four it says: insert disk 1 why

17th July 2007 10:07

rar file is like a zip file but you can only open it with winrar. to get it go to: WinRAR archiver,...

17th July 2007 10:07

is something wrong in my scrip thats causing the problem? -- -- Copyright (c) 2005 Pandemic Studios...

17th July 2007 10:07

i think bf3 should have maps with capital ships like landing on a planet and you objective is to cap...

17th July 2007 12:07


18th July 2007 03:07

plz help sombody

18th July 2007 03:07

the cis start with three

18th July 2007 05:07

TY TY TY TY TY TY TY ur awesome!!! it worked!!!

18th July 2007 11:07

well that was a diffrent map... my naboo one that ihave been... messing with i figured out the text...

20th July 2007 09:07

is some thing wrong with my hunt script? -- -- Copyright (c) 2005 Pandemic Studios, LLC. All right...

19th July 2007 05:07

any one have any cool droid skins and how do you edit the jetpack for the clones?

19th July 2007 10:07

when i munge it says texturemunge.exe stoped working

20th July 2007 03:07

are you asking for that log thing Message Severity: 3 C:\Battlefront2\main\Battlefront2\Source\Hin...

20th July 2007 06:07