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my cps disappered:confused:

6th October 2006 08:10

loshoni have lots of skins that you could use as snow clones. :bawl: Man my Em is down

19th September 2006 06:09

some vehicals wont work {atte,atat,atst,tiebomber,imp transport,swampspeeder, &more}& if i u...

9th September 2006 06:09

is there water in your map, because when i use water it makes the game crash.

11th September 2006 06:09

also, how do i get death regons to work:confused: :confused: :confused:

12th September 2006 07:09

[COLOR="Lime"][/COLOR][SIZE="6"][/SIZE][COLOR="Lime"][/COLOR]I need a custom side for hoth (clones)...

15th September 2006 11:09

You cant see your map sometimes until you move. (w,forword.a,left.s,backward.d,right.f,up.v,down.(le...

15th September 2006 11:09

Email: [email]airhead317@sbcglobal.net[/email]

17th September 2006 03:09

Do you have snow clones

17th September 2006 03:09

loshoni have lots of skins that you could use as snow clones.:p Awesome its back up [EMAIL="airhead3...

19th September 2006 10:09

:bawl: :bawl: :bawl: some vehicals wont work {atte,atat,atst,tiebomber,imp transport,swampspeeder, &...

22nd September 2006 05:09

U have to add cps to ur scripts

21st September 2006 07:09

cmdatai dont think you can get a flyable jet with sniper, but you can as rifleman, well if youre map...

21st September 2006 07:09

FiminopterNo you need to add the map to your script. I'd explain on the forum, but it's very complic...

21st September 2006 09:09

I am haveing trooble trying to add hunt to my custom maps can some one please help?:bawl: :bawl: :ba...

21st September 2006 09:09

Is every thing corect? i cant get my side to work. is the folder directery correct?*** ************...

21st September 2006 10:09

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: oh yay...and another Q, how do i fix This......

21st September 2006 11:09

who is guest

22nd September 2006 05:09

How i get rid of CW so it only GCW:confused: Oh yay... any one know how i add hunt mode:confused:

1st October 2006 11:10

Does any one know

7th October 2006 10:10

ty that helps a bunch one ting about when i edited the jet sniper trooper so it could fly but it a...

27th June 2007 04:06

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23rd April 2007 06:04

Join IAFX Or Face Ur Doom.....hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

5th December 2006 08:12

are the IP adresses different on bowth computer... they have to be hook up: open lan atatchment I...

5th December 2006 14:12

does any one know of an object macker that macks .odf that is not xsi

20th February 2007 12:02