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[COLOR="Lime"][/COLOR] gR@vitation25X;3403296What platform is this clan on? PC is the platform

4th December 2006 00:12

IAFdarkhelmet, How about we join clans (IAF & FLFX) To creat one Such as : IFLAF(imperial Front...

4th December 2006 03:12

I have no web site... I have a web creator from win95...I have pre made layouts for the website :cya...

4th December 2006 04:12

1z2x3c;3401942is this it Opened logfile BFront2.log 2006-12-02 1324 ******************************...

4th December 2006 07:12

Did U remunge

4th December 2006 07:12

Dohnutt;3404284Well for the first question with the LAN... You went online to see if you could play...

4th December 2006 07:12

??? the instant the map starts???

17th August 2007 04:08