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Born in the Germeny. BF-109 K4

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hay u know that m1 garand that was mad well can somebody please covert it to 1.2 so u can play it as...

28th December 2002 22:12

Ok well bad news your idea didnt work. still the boundries r the same so can someone plz help me li...

5th June 2003 22:06

I would like to see the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine

1st June 2003 17:06

waa do they relly add weapons.

1st June 2003 23:06

will the bipods on the guns work and will tanks have the proper ammount of tank pasitions like there...

3rd June 2003 00:06

wow nice models i wish i coud model but all i can do is code and make maps waaa...

3rd June 2003 00:06

How do u change the boundies in the game becuase imma tetch up the omaha beach map but i came across...

5th June 2003 00:06

i found this line in the init.con file when i was looken around and was wondering is this it and how...

5th June 2003 00:06

ok well im wondering how to make boundries like DICE did shaped

5th June 2003 21:06

wow sweeet

5th June 2003 21:06

Plz someone help me. Im makin a map off of a ea games map but i need more space and need desperatly...

5th June 2003 22:06

ok guys i figerd what the rpblem was so its all good

25th May 2003 23:05

ok thx alot thank u so much. Now i can get back to my mappin

7th June 2003 18:06

This map is based on making omaha beach harder and lots "MORE FUN" This definitly isnt for realism...

8th June 2003 19:06

plus all u ahve to do is scale the thing in the objects con

8th June 2003 19:06

well thank u NOW LETS PLAY IT ON SOME DANG SERVERS NOW!!!!! j/k well do make servers

8th June 2003 22:06

well this game would be the best if the bipods worked and i think it might be possible but right now...

11th June 2003 00:06

well wz i could be a camera man and i know the most stunts ever. I might beable to get my stunt pilo...

11th June 2003 22:06

Hay r u gunna have tunnals leeding up to there place

21st June 2003 23:06

dont compress the rfa. do not compress rfa and dont change the amount of tnt u have unless u make it...

22nd June 2003 00:06


1st June 2003 00:06

If your gunna take the challenge then post your email or aim on my thread

23rd May 2003 21:05

Yep that was fun. Then we did sucide bombings latter with jeeps. hehehhe die Iraq DIE...

24th June 2003 16:06

me and my asumed friend want to make a mive ofall of our stunts but we r wondering how to do it. wha...

18th May 2003 03:05

dame thats a maincoon. Gesses ****ing cised thats a huge cat

30th April 2003 12:04