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I have a lot of question to ask:confused: Where to start ??:uhm: Ok first of all in the new patc...

7th March 2005 11:03

I got u hudge bug on Valirisk ! I was in a mig and i was locked on a stuka, i had 35 bullets left an...

25th March 2005 16:03

The [301] Airborne Squad is RECRUTING !! :deal: It's a FRENCH TEAM so if u can't speek french...:...

25th March 2005 15:03

By the way, since we r talikng about tobruk, on the website ( FH) it says in the map description th...

2nd April 2005 16:04

Thx a lot M8 !

15th March 2005 22:03

It's true that the Spingfield is 10 X better than Arisaka !

15th March 2005 22:03

does it work for FH ? If yes, is it easy too use and where could i get it ?

15th March 2005 22:03

And what about that sub !!! Allies still can't use it, why ?

15th March 2005 22:03

I would like to know how could create my own map for FH mod ? I have hurd of Battlecraft but i was t...

15th March 2005 22:03

i have played on hundred of server that play those maps u just have to wait for the map rotation

2nd April 2005 16:04

I would like to know if it is possible, in a next version of FH, to have a Panzerfaust 150m; I just...

3rd April 2005 17:04

Well all i can say is that the guy who uses that " tecnique " is just lame and don't know how too pl...

15th March 2005 12:03

yyes i know, that's what i'm saying; maybbe while creating the map, they forgotte that !

10th April 2005 17:04

Hello every1, i jusy had an idea for a new map; Wouldn't it be great to have a map where allies and...

19th April 2005 07:04

well, the macchi folgore is not on his map; the map description that u see on the web site is not ac...

19th April 2005 07:04

The [301] Airborne Squad NEEDS YOU !!!! We are a french team and we are recruting french speeking p...

18th April 2005 15:04

If u want to kill ANY tank with 1 SHOT !! just go ON the turret, aim for the hatch and BOOOM no more...

18th April 2005 08:04

Ow and by the way, the Macci folgore SUX ! It is the worst plane in FH right now !

17th April 2005 09:04

What is sooooooo important about that Pz III; I konw alot about WWII but never hurd of it?! Was it...

17th April 2005 08:04

Ok guys! I had this same problem but I FOUND IT !! When u spawn Allie, go capture the South flag; wh...

17th April 2005 07:04

Why don't they put panzerfust 150 m on it; That should be nice on there

16th April 2005 13:04

U need AA people; that's how u can, sometimes, win !! If ur a pilot, like myself, try to avoid them...

12th April 2005 18:04

Yea me 2 but i think it's uncappable; Maby it was ment to be a uncappable base for japs ?!

10th April 2005 15:04

I would like to know how could i possibly resize the FH mini maps ? I know where i could get the min...

4th April 2005 12:04

So how can we cap that flag (f4) ????????

10th April 2005 13:04