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Best war movie ever Stalingrad runners up Das Boot Battle Of Britain Crosses of iron The Pianist...

1st February 2004 11:02

Has anyone seen the movie Europa, Europa? It's a wild story about a young Jewish Pole that survives...

3rd February 2004 04:02

thanks for the work, im not playing FH anymore till .6, but i still appreciate your updates

4th February 2004 10:02

there are some VERY good books on the subject, and there are alot of debats about losses and such. o...

13th February 2004 09:02

good for them. they have worked hard on thier mod and have had great success. this is another step t...

5th February 2004 10:02

meh desert rats vs afrika korps looks amazing....this is well....decent to say the best

6th February 2004 06:02

wewt! someone said this was going to be a 'huge' update :/

7th February 2004 03:02

Czterej pancerni i pies. about the famous polish tank crew "Rudy" 102 that served under the soviet u...

7th February 2004 07:02

try "Uprising" if your into the warsaw ghetto uprising. there are a few polish made documentaries th...

7th February 2004 07:02

i have been listening to jamaican music for 10+ years. bluebeat,ska,rocksteady,dub,skinhead reggae,r...

8th February 2004 07:02

strike anywhere is good times. i was raised in richmond va within the punk scene. seen them about 30...

9th February 2004 10:02

i would be a member of Gen. Anders 2nd polish corps.

9th February 2004 12:02

wow worst analogy ever

12th February 2004 11:02

hahahah HAHAHAHa enemy at the gates historicaly correct? hahaha get a history book man

13th February 2004 05:02

ha ha. you are all suckers! they are playing with our minds!

13th February 2004 09:02

i think they are supposed to be sort of like staticky style radio(is that even a word) but they did...

17th March 2004 05:03