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i think graphics are one of the least important features a game has. they are added benefits too me...

15th December 2002 18:12

I was so sure UPS would give me the game today and I was all excited to get home only to discover th...

27th March 2003 02:03

that sucks your missing out on alot. I love cartoons so i really dont care if anyone else does.

21st April 2003 01:04

who is the kong that keeps cranking out all these new kongs anyway?

9th April 2003 17:04

i have but funimation has to ruin it by editing its so much. im glad that the fighter is coming to g...

9th April 2003 04:04

It looks cool so far. ill probably get it.

8th April 2003 19:04

nah im commited now. I cant abandon it. i have a strony mightyena and just got an absol anyway =P

8th April 2003 01:04

no zangoose doesnt evolve. your thinking of vigoroth who evolves into Slaking. it does suck that he...

7th April 2003 15:04

There are how many pearls!!!? Darn it you ruined my Zelda expirience!!!! lol jk

2nd April 2003 03:04

I finally got it! i was really excited about this game but I had no idea it would be THIS good!!

28th March 2003 04:03

this lol is dedicated to mage. ahem "lol". ack now all i gotta do is wait for my friend to get Sapph...

27th March 2003 02:03

a could game as in you can buy it? lol jk kidding i know what you mean =P

21st April 2003 01:04

no you are not lol =P lvl 52 Swampert lvl 44 Plusle lvl 46 Minun lvl 71 Rayquaza MWAHAHAHA!!! and po...

27th March 2003 02:03

O.O mage umm... you ok? want me to get help?

26th March 2003 01:03

MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have just caught every legendary pokemon in Ruby with a horde of ultra balls!! MWA...

25th March 2003 17:03


25th March 2003 17:03

lvl 50 swampert and umm plusle and minun at 40. havent decided what else to build up now.

22nd March 2003 08:03

Awsome!! i cant wait to get FF for the cube! Long live Moogles!!

20th March 2003 19:03

whoops i havent been posting! must be cuz im busy with pokemon! MWAHAHAHA!!!!

20th March 2003 19:03

i am a Nintendo geek and Im not regreting anything. whats wrong with worshiping the greatest video g...

17th March 2003 20:03

im not worried about getting zelda (tho I am excited about that game also). its coming in the mail f...

13th March 2003 19:03

i was afraid to mess around with my gamecube but i can see where it can open up there

21st April 2003 01:04

i love invader zim. too bad nickelodeon never plays it.

21st April 2003 19:04

thats wierd cuz when I go to the site it has a section next to the pokemon with english names for al...

12th March 2003 15:03

thats never happened to me. my planner has wind waker and samus all over it too.

15th May 2003 01:05