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I belive its probly a public account.

8th February 2006 09:02

Did you try reinstaling? Also make sure your patch is v1.41

16th December 2006 23:12

It still has better gameplay than everysingle game they gave awards to there no denying that. Glitch...

16th December 2006 23:12

Awards over....Bf2142 didnt win anything, lame ass company of heros did.

16th December 2006 10:12

Repub :)

16th December 2006 09:12

Do you have the newest drivers for your card >http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html if that dosn...

17th December 2006 01:12

2012 will not be the end of the world, more than likely its going to be a giant impact from an aster...

15th December 2006 08:12

Nostradamus predicted it further on I dont remeber the year but it wasnt 2012. I dont belive it but...

14th December 2006 12:12

If you ask me there is no competetion with the consoles cause they all suck now. If you like games t...

14th December 2006 12:12


16th December 2006 23:12

If your graphics card driver are not up to date that could be a reason for it crashing. Try going to...

17th December 2006 03:12

Microsoft is nothing but a bunch of money hungry bastards the theres no denying it.

13th December 2006 08:12

I know ive tryed countless things even submited a ticket for help to ati they still hadnt responded.

25th December 2006 00:12

Ive tryed it all and nothing, ATI wont respond with anything other than useless automated responses...

27th December 2006 10:12

Yea id wait for the pc version, though it looks nice on the 360 itll be even better for pc.

26th December 2006 08:12

Ive tryed it all still no go.

26th December 2006 07:12

thats what I have my rez on and ive already tryed lower.

25th December 2006 09:12

Pethegreat;3445314It sounds like you may be having issues with your monitor's frequency. Try using a...

25th December 2006 08:12

Ive noticed the same thing I dont take as long shots as I can in BF2 in 2142 because its takes to ma...

25th December 2006 00:12

"its your grapghics card get a good one not a sucky one..." -No my graphics card is good you retar...

25th December 2006 00:12

I have the same problem and I have a high end pc with an x1600pro.

17th December 2006 03:12

why should I use a slower one when it should work on the new one. Anyone have an acctual solution?

24th December 2006 23:12

Ive had Halo since it realesed and it has always worked before. I recently built a new with pc 2gb o...

24th December 2006 23:12

Stabing people is fun.

23rd December 2006 10:12

Thats why you turn up the Rez.

18th December 2006 04:12