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when i downloaded it it downloaded as "unknown file" :( EDIT: I tried another download link but its...

17th August 2008 06:08

thanks i will give it a shot when i can. im going on holiday for a few days so i cant

7th October 2008 02:10

FILEFRONT!!!! never leave me :bows:

2nd April 2009 12:04

Sgt Doom;4795497What he said. The patch was recalled due to bugs, don't use it. wait, wasnt it recal...

7th February 2009 19:02

aerianally;4771461The signature is the vintar BC i think but I hate the g36c and the trs 301 or what...

25th January 2009 13:01

TheGoth;4780377I think that... Vintar BC(Vintorez) is one of the best weapons... Silent, acurate, sc...

25th January 2009 11:01

current name: someone114 desired name: 5t3v0

24th January 2009 16:01

I have the same problem, but this is in OL 2.1. although its now pointless coz im hostile to duty be...

23rd October 2008 12:10

sorry for waisting all your time. I fixed the problem. I kept all the mods that werent in use in the...

18th October 2008 03:10

i didnt seem to have a problem with any mod before but tonight i opened a mod and it crashed before...

17th October 2008 20:10

I thought they said they wouldnt

15th October 2008 14:10

could someone explain better? RC1 doesnt have a bind_stalker.script

6th October 2008 12:10

can someone help??? its an unknown file and i cant extract or anything :confused: nevermind, found o...

17th August 2008 08:08

yeah someone should explain better, good luck on the map!

4th October 2008 18:10

so what you're saying is i have to take the weapons file and replace it with the RC1 weapons file?

4th October 2008 10:10

is it possible to get the two to work together? i tried twice by copy/pasting freeplay in first than...

3rd October 2008 08:10

Okay, new problem. I downloaded the newest version of SMM but whenever i activate a mod when it upda...

26th September 2008 21:09

I used an old version and a newer version. I havent had any luck either

26th September 2008 21:09

I am talking about Smart mod manager not putting the game data files in the game dir when i install...

26th September 2008 14:09

it doesnt seem to work. there is nothing and mods dont work. what do i have to do to get them to wor...

26th September 2008 13:09

I think its kalashnikov

22nd September 2008 13:09

well, personally i would choose Freedom (though this time round im choosing duty). not sure why, may...

18th September 2008 16:09

There has already been discussions on this on the official forum and not many people there like the...

22nd September 2009 17:09