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Uncle_SamGold beach is ingame...:naughty:Doh, meant utah

3rd June 2004 00:06

I'll watch out for them on our server, instaban if I see them.

25th May 2004 15:05

The 75th will be hosting a public free game, clans only, on our server. It will start Sunday May 30t...

25th May 2004 18:05

crabcakes66gears on vehicles......more players -128+ ...... bigger maps deformable terrain, destru...

28th May 2004 19:05

Weapon-No.4 Lee Enfield, smooth bolt, large clip, and its accurate Vehicle-Jeep and it's varients, g...

29th May 2004 17:05

Rifleman, grab my No.4, my nades, go shoot the fools trying to run and gun me with an mp-40, then ca...

1st June 2004 20:06

Id like to see more of a balence between Eastern and Western fronts, three maps that would be good w...

2nd June 2004 23:06

judge reinholdwhat would this, or juno and sword beach, map consist of, pray tell?Id assume that eit...

3rd June 2004 02:06

Arnhem is fun...that is until the brits just watch the puma go vrooom right by to the back base. Tha...

28th June 2004 21:06

Yep only DICE can turn a jungle hellhole into a hilly plain with 2 palm trees and a rock. Stuarts wo...

16th June 2004 22:06

WWII wasnt fought with only vehicles, the infantry was and is the backbone of any military operation...

21st June 2004 08:06

That devastator brings a tear to my eye, NO MORE SBD-T. Great job guys

22nd June 2004 00:06

Italy would be nice, I would personaly like to see France before Italy

23rd June 2004 07:06

Plain old rifleman, preferably bolt action. My all time favorite thing to is is just take a knee and...

17th August 2004 01:08

^^^same for the 75th.

22nd September 2004 15:09

mAsTeR.oF.rEaLiTyuh....yes ~ A result of not reading fully my friend...is he banned yet?

10th September 2004 23:09

As soon as people stop posting stupid, repeating threads about the release date.

10th September 2004 00:09

It it is just extremly annoying to look on the general forums and see the same threads again and aga...

10th September 2004 14:09

Once its reload bug is fixed it should make the Pnz 2 mince meat.

10th September 2004 14:09

Its still the same concept isnt it?I mean its still gonna get the same replies as the other threads....

10th September 2004 15:09

Should be awesome, I can see it now. Come home, get on voice chat, about 10 people scream at me ".65...

10th September 2004 15:09

Stupid stupid person...go back to cs.

10th September 2004 23:09

Who cares anymore...can we just ban that moron and be on our merry way

10th September 2004 23:09

Arnhem when the puma does not go immediatly to the back and cap. It completly ruins the feel and fun...

7th September 2004 15:09

Been waiting for Gc.4...hell I gotta have something to do

10th September 2004 23:09