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Greetings comrade! You are most likely here because you are interested in the Red Army! Let us tell...

12th April 2006 11:04

John Bonham, prepare to be reintered! J/k! Impressive, nonetheless. I myself lack any musical a...

22nd March 2008 12:03

Europeans are welcome; SoV said they're focusing on North Americans, because they got the impression...

20th March 2008 03:03

21st March 2008 03:03

JohnWalker;4267322I ain't never carpet bagged a day in my life. That's not what my sources in Quant...

21st March 2008 03:03

This wouldn't be the first time. The USN also sent 2 flattops through the Taiwan Strait back in 199...

21st March 2008 11:03

21st March 2008 21:03

Coca-Cola;4269062In our lifetime, we will most likely see China eclipse the states as the #1 superpo...

22nd March 2008 00:03

Take this, Hoff

23rd March 2008 12:03

JohnWalker;4265895Bring it, Prod! And the Armalite is for cultural purposes. YouTube - The Irish B...

19th March 2008 12:03

Easily pwns both

23rd March 2008 13:03

I bought a 40GB PS3 for an early b-day present (with birthday money and some of my own), last weeken...

23rd March 2008 14:03

stylie;4231220Thats true the wii is rocking out. I got a chance to play it, very fun, but I gotta ha...

23rd March 2008 15:03

Someone told me, George W. Bush, was responsible for the attacks on: Pearl Harbor, Singapore, and th...

23rd March 2008 23:03

Happy Easter!

24th March 2008 00:03

Heh, heh.

24th March 2008 00:03


24th March 2008 02:03

20th March 2008 03:03

JohnWalker;4265562Lemmie grab me armalite.. Since when do Armalites float your boat? Second questi...

19th March 2008 05:03

Well now I've got to get my Il-2 & expansion games reinstalled, just for the hell of it. But I'...

26th March 2008 03:03

Damn straight. As one whom lives below the Mason-Dixon Line, I can tell you for certain there are d...

15th March 2008 13:03

Oh and JW, the time has come to settle our differences

12th March 2008 07:03

Pwns Michael Bay & Ben Affleck

12th March 2008 19:03

Operation Judgment (British attack on Italian fleet @ Taranto), proved the tactical practicality of...

12th March 2008 23:03

Pwn shriners

13th March 2008 01:03