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The only way to pwn the greatest comic strip ever, is with more "Calvin and Hobbes!" My fav comic b...

11th March 2008 00:03

Somehow all of you knew it would come this... Pwns all anime.

8th April 2008 03:04

When I first saw "Platoon" with my dad, circa 1998, Papa told me it would give me nightmares. To te...

27th January 2008 18:01

26th January 2008 06:01

Archimonde0_0;4178188Oh yes definately what i want to tell my daughter when im older "If it has a pu...

26th January 2008 16:01

27th January 2008 04:01

Mad TV is kind of like the South Park of variety shows--SNL goes off the edge of the cliff while Mad...

27th January 2008 14:01

The movie kicked ass, saw it Friday with a few friends, and not a single one of us had any regrets....

27th January 2008 14:01

hockeywarrior2;4180632lol that livelink video is pretty funny. They dubbed it perfectly -- until you...

27th January 2008 15:01

Crazy Wolf;4180739 Cheap shot? Yes, but relevant nonetheless. Anyways:

27th January 2008 18:01

jumjum;4175527It's absolutely true. It's more than odd - it's perverse. No argument from me.

25th January 2008 05:01

Pacific, for sure. Unfortunately, it won't be as great as it was in FH1.

28th January 2008 09:01

From today, feel free to download another 25 million songs - legally - Times Online THIS IS HUUUUUU...

28th January 2008 13:01

Here's a caveat of sorts: Free music downloads site in chaos as record giants pull out| News | This...

29th January 2008 01:01

None of you would be considered foolish to have some skepticisms about this endeavor--I sure do. He...

29th January 2008 10:01

True precision.

29th January 2008 10:01

Liquid nitrogen.

30th January 2008 01:01

30th January 2008 21:01

He should be more worried about what P.O.S. Vista and DX10 are.

26th January 2008 06:01

25th January 2008 05:01

Melting hearts, and melting ice cream cones!:naughty:

31st January 2008 06:01

I hope to someday see Manning vs. Manning in the 'Bowl. This was definitely the best NFL season in...

22nd January 2008 01:01

will take care of those notions

19th January 2008 14:01

Ended up pwning those vengeful redcoats

19th January 2008 16:01

20th January 2008 03:01