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awww you germans are so cute <3

26th October 2005 06:10

i can make a personal gaurentee that no one playing on the 9th infantry server will be kicked for un...

17th May 2006 20:05

the best use of moving the carrier ever was some dude beached it weirdly so that the aa could just P...

30th January 2006 12:01

lol i think its funny when ppl tk the destroyer with the BB... im like you know... germans dont have...

30th January 2006 12:01

hookers and blow baby

1st February 2006 12:02

yea it really gives the firefly a huge advantage, itll look like a noob sherman and BAM, owned.

2nd February 2006 19:02

i hate bf2 on low, it looks way worse than fh. I have 1gig pc3200 corsair ram rad9800 256 winchest...

2nd February 2006 19:02

aa should spawn in completly random places or be able to be built places, and shouldnt show up on th...

19th April 2006 06:04

rambo behind the lines stealth. I want to fight 15 people by myself by using their weapons when they...

19th April 2006 06:04

the activator isnt workin for me so ima dl the 'mac' version and extract the rars into rfa's and rep...

23rd April 2006 23:04

lol that didnt work either now everythings a dull grey color and has no deffinition.... weee

24th April 2006 00:04

i want to play blitz maps the most, that part of the war is just underused.

30th April 2006 15:04

Lt.General.RodkeifI found a game on my combat flight sim game and it was badass.It was called close...

30th April 2006 22:04

Großadmiral DönitzWell I'm glad to see you are not propossin instand enemy tank captures, but spawns...

11th May 2006 14:05

-people who bitch about getting killed and act like its your fault

17th May 2006 03:05

knifing in .7 is so easy its not even an insult to be knifed anymore, i commonly taken 3-4 smg bulle...

17th May 2006 03:05

beautiful map

21st May 2006 08:05

get .7 man, do any servers even run .65 still?

29th January 2006 14:01

.7s a huge improvement from .67 because you dont have the mg42 noob/ knife glitch hacker bastards an...

21st May 2006 08:05

the 9th all loves it, completely added new life to the game, I havnt seen a map i didnt like so far...

21st May 2006 08:05

lag is a figment of the liberal media to goad you into buying new pastes and appliances.

21st May 2006 16:05

which is your fav so far mines either tulugi or attack on carentan, they both use terrain so perfect...

23rd May 2006 05:05

ranks should be based on how many maps youve won. Winning is all that matters, mging a spawn is wor...

23rd May 2006 05:05

the infantry movement in that map is evolved. When im playing in that map i know that cover is my b...

24th May 2006 22:05

mmmmmmm morphine <3

24th May 2006 22:05