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Worse things happen at sea.

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I've got the same exact error message. Even after a re-install. With and without lastest patches....

30th August 2004 03:08

Yay 400,001st post :D

25th August 2007 01:08

Wasserfaller;3903690stalingrad was one of my favorite movies, it wasn't partial to either side, it s...

5th September 2007 22:09

Jomboholic;3903510 5. Sherman had better crew comfort! Oh thank god. At least they where comfortab...

5th September 2007 06:09

Jomboholic;3903712You make good points, but alas, I disagree. The "entire Wehrmacht" vs. the full...

5th September 2007 06:09

Pwns halo, and all other halo pwns from this point on!

5th September 2007 04:09

Stalingrad is not a good movie!!!!!!one!!11elvan

5th September 2007 04:09

The war in Iraq pwns ice with its epic amounts of co2 emissions.

5th September 2007 04:09

Jomboholic;3903365 I would like to clarify however, that the war vs. Germany could have been won wit...

5th September 2007 04:09

But not as much as SA-80s do.

4th September 2007 14:09

snotvod;3895588Unless the brits used Ross rifles in ww2, the picture you also used in your sig is ww...

4th September 2007 14:09

Gah? Morning update? How very odd.

4th September 2007 14:09

Jomboholic;3901714Lovers tiff, I dislike the Soviets, so what does that mean? lol You dislike the co...

4th September 2007 14:09

Sounds like someones had a bit of a lovers tiff with Russia.

4th September 2007 08:09

edelweiss pirates pwn the Hitler youth

24th August 2007 22:08

Cap'n Rommel;3904955You appearently havnt seen that movie? The acting is great The script is good T...

6th September 2007 22:09

I know its beens asked before, but i cant ever remember reading an official answer, will we get the...

24th August 2007 21:08

This one guy i knew, got bit by a cat, and then died from a falling piano.

22nd August 2007 08:08

Be4viz;3869515Family guy pwns The Simpsons [Picture of a shit homer simpson rip off running across a...

21st August 2007 06:08

In before the lock!

19th August 2007 08:08

Looks like a big water cooled mg, only without the water cooled bit. Possibly a browning wz30

19th August 2007 04:08

Land pwns boat.

19th August 2007 02:08

19th August 2007 01:08

Johnny tightlips pwns ratting out!

17th August 2007 08:08

Happy Birthday thread! Hope hope you have a great day!

16th August 2007 07:08