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WHAZAAA, this is star wars , not a child game, can't you see " 12+ " on your game hush? No, serious...

15th January 2004 20:01

what's a ladder???

15th January 2004 20:01

man, I wish I could make a part off it, I would make a gun-gan team for making the map with the gung...

15th January 2004 20:01

MeusHIt is possible (need make new .veh files) You can find template at assets (0 or 1 :uhm: ) \ext_...

15th January 2004 20:01

tFighetPilotWhy won't you make it? You wanted to make a vehicle, didn't you?[color=seagreen]Yes, I w...

16th January 2004 15:01

tFighetPilotThe right word is TEACH not learn As I said before, do the tutorials that comes with g...

16th January 2004 15:01

I'm not going to model anymore, I don't like it anymore

16th January 2004 20:01

but I don't even know how to make a hovery cube.

17th January 2004 11:01

Ey guys, I was playing yesterday in a map called helmsdeep, we were playing lotr ( lord of the rings...

26th January 2004 16:01

Hi everybody, I just had a new idea, but as you can know , I can't make it :thumbsdown: ( again )...

27th January 2004 15:01

Great, I love it, thanks god they are making it, I hope it will be bigg

27th January 2004 18:01

ey tfighterpilot? How can you make a corner in GMax ?or something like that wing of your vehicle.

30th January 2004 12:01

Does someone know how to film what you do in JA ?

14th February 2004 21:02