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:lol: :dance: :deal: :uhoh: :rock: ok june torromow and maybe it will come out then or i hope soon

1st June 2003 08:06

im just guessing so its proabbly not true unless have u heard a date

3rd June 2003 03:06

can u tell me have m,any posts u have to get for each rank

18th June 2003 01:06

thats waht i mean i wont ask anymore

17th June 2003 04:06

now that i asked so many times it is point less i jsut get the same answer each time and that is "WH...

17th June 2003 03:06


17th June 2003 03:06

yo im sorry i was very angry at the time and hyper so i apoligize formy actions

14th June 2003 08:06

yo i want s tright forward guess when is a guess about the patch cause every1 has told me these date...

14th June 2003 05:06

i bet u there is no patch they could be lying since they never really metion much about on the web s...

14th June 2003 04:06

straight yo but when does the new patch come out yo :spank: :spank: :sleep: :sleep: :fistpunch: :fis...

14th June 2003 04:06

what is bandwith and its gonna be realsed torromow how u know that

11th June 2003 19:06

I'm sure that the devs have been wroking on this even before 1.7 came out so there proabbly almost f...

3rd June 2003 01:06

was he on the deck of cards or not cause it was always funny to listen to him saying that we werent...

19th June 2003 02:06

they are only the most elite fighting force on the face of the earth

2nd June 2003 06:06

:mad: no need to brag but how did u do it did u cheat

2nd June 2003 03:06

yeah they could i just i hope we can do it sooner rather than later

2nd June 2003 02:06

how do i do that

2nd June 2003 00:06

is there an easy way to get 36 one th e range

1st June 2003 22:06

is there an easy way to get 36 on the range i dont it so many times a i cant do it:smokin: :( :confu...

1st June 2003 22:06

:eek: ;) :smokin: :rock: :confused: Does 1.8 come out today or this week

1st June 2003 21:06

is their a chat room for americas army if so whats the adress

1st June 2003 20:06

im not putting out flase dates i just hope it comes out sooner than later

1st June 2003 20:06

is there any1 we could ask or do they keep it a secert

1st June 2003 19:06

yo this sounds like a weird question but who was th guy who went on tv and always said us forces are...

18th June 2003 22:06

mine is the bridge se and insurgent camp because the are just my favorite i dont really have a reaso...

19th June 2003 02:06