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Vote no #4639 :P

12th January 2005 07:01

And the winner for bringing back the farthest dead thread goes to...

11th January 2005 08:01

taichiTanks break down? But they're so easy to fix, just wave the spanner at them and they're fixed...

11th January 2005 08:01


10th January 2005 12:01

These maps look amazing. Cant wait to dl them :)

6th January 2005 06:01

I like that you cant aim laying down :)

4th January 2005 07:01

Was wondering the same thing in the sub on desert rose a few minutes ago. In the hanger thingy it sh...

3rd January 2005 14:01

Whats the point of creating an unfair game...

2nd January 2005 03:01

Most of this problem I think is cause by lag. The point is that its never going to go away, and the...

1st January 2005 15:01

The knee mortars are awsome!

1st January 2005 05:01

It is good on my pc, but I do notice a little slowdown (very slight) in and around the villages.

31st December 2004 17:12

Who's posting in the wrong forum...:D Heh couldnt help it, I will be though.

16th October 2004 12:10

nolaknfhttp://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?t=115882 :uhoh: :Python::confused: :confused:...

15th October 2004 07:10

Erwin Rommel1"America is blessed by god. God intrusted the safety of the world to America and we sho...

25th January 2005 09:01

I dont really think it would be abused...but im sure someone could find a way.

27th September 2004 03:09

'LIGHTNING [NL']Are you kidding? It's the most important flag there is! It makes the stuka spawn! Y...

30th September 2004 05:09

KadingTHERE SHOULD BE AN IRISH MAP!! just a bunch of drunks of all nationalities fist fighting! and...

29th September 2004 10:09

Its part of the fun to look for it :) Also a few things arent on any maps, but are finished and incl...

29th September 2004 07:09

Any chance you could make a zip file with those pics or something? :)

29th September 2004 06:09

[color=red]* stabs PunkRockerDave[/color] :gizmo:

29th September 2004 06:09

Yay two of mine too :) The spit on reich and the last one. Hopefully this will get even more players...

29th September 2004 04:09

Both nigh maps :)

29th September 2004 04:09

FactionReconWoo hoo! Two of mine got in to the news update! me too :nodding:

29th September 2004 04:09

There are bigger priorities, such as french and italians first.

28th September 2004 13:09

Irt #1 Sure ya did ;)

28th September 2004 04:09