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Wow must have been awsome:D

20th April 2003 13:04

This happened when I got out of a Jeep in the Trenches on Omaha Beach.

25th May 2003 23:05

I open my screenshots by going into the Battlefield 1942 file, then screenshots. I don't know if th...

7th August 2003 17:08

When it lags and when it is back to normal you are dead and you can't tell how you died. :curse:

5th August 2003 22:08

I was once on Coral Sea when a Arch-Val flew over and every one was shooting. I shot it with my Colt...

5th August 2003 22:08

It only lags for me when the server has high ping.

3rd August 2003 13:08

I'm lost too :confused: :eek: :?Block: :rolleyes:

6th July 2003 11:07

Originally posted by Spidey Screw EA Spidey you really don't wnat to do that. ...and berm, no comme...

4th July 2003 16:07

Give us a Link!

4th July 2003 16:07


1st July 2003 19:07

What kind of tall buildings? :confused:

1st July 2003 19:07

No one should be kicked from a game for spawn camping. However I don't camp because its a game :D C...

1st July 2003 19:07

Yeah, Omaha could have been a lot better, :beer: and Kharkov is also like Kursk and Berlin, }> on...

29th May 2003 12:05

I would drink to that :beer:

26th May 2003 16:05

Here is another one of it.

25th May 2003 23:05

Links do not work

23rd May 2003 12:05

By the way EA messed up on the site. the Type 99 is a Japanese Machien Gun http://au.geocities.com...

21st April 2003 16:04

I may want to join :dance:

23rd May 2003 12:05

I also hate Gazala, too many hills, and it is huge and takes forever to get across the huge gorges.:...

20th May 2003 15:05

I hate Coral Sea, :thumbsdown: not enough spawn points, :mad: and without a carrier, its over. :fu...

19th May 2003 19:05

This is another one at the same time, the other lander is sinking. :dance:

19th May 2003 15:05

What is everyone's favorite map out of there? My favorite is Midway but cassino rocks too.

19th May 2003 12:05

I was in Wake Island as an American, was shot down over the Japanese carrier. My buddies sank it....

19th May 2003 12:05

Nice ones, here is one more that are not as good as the other ones. ElAlamien, allied, with a bad t...

15th May 2003 22:05

I would like to know what your wierdest kill is. For example I shot down an Arch Val with my Colt...

14th May 2003 21:05
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