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We are changing hosts thats right. Im pretty interested what you guys say when we have our new page...

24th April 2003 15:04

i finished the zis 5 skin and it's ingame so ... Zis5 Russian Truck.

20th June 2004 06:06

a brief history of forgotten hope. FHmod was founded by Stealthblade (USA) and Senior Ding Dong (Can...

28th June 2004 05:06

I liked the Mas, I liked Frontline and I think everyone here will have a great game when first playi...

24th June 2004 19:06

boah guys you all know that Italians will be added later. After the French in 0.7.

23rd June 2004 21:06

I think this could be a really good idea.. we ll have to think about it.

23rd June 2004 05:06

brits get new helmets (im sure about the British pilot helmet, other than that Im not much into unif...

22nd June 2004 08:06

would someone plz make this sticky? please?

22nd June 2004 07:06

plz read my edited post lightning that wasnt very nice.

22nd June 2004 07:06

Guys over at accused us of spamming, too. even a webmaster said that he wont post f...

22nd June 2004 07:06

heli and ho229... they are on alpenfestung.. arghl.. the custom map is ... arghl... plz guys dont f...

22nd June 2004 06:06

I think we did a great Job hyping FH just before 0.6. Remember that we had to STOP the daily update...

22nd June 2004 06:06

Guys plz.. What should we give you? We want to keep some things secret and want to suprise you with...

22nd June 2004 00:06

Use the Opel Blitz.. it is also a 2 axis truck and looks somehow similar to the Zis5.

21st June 2004 23:06

Yeah I already saw this.. very nice work. :)

20th June 2004 04:06

Rad was working on those maps but they are kinda on hold for the moment. Attu was nearly finished on...

4th July 2004 21:07

I think a map based on one of these things and an allied offensive in some German wood could be inte...

20th June 2004 04:06

update: some guys are allready working on the manual, and I think for this time the team I have is s...

19th June 2004 19:06

the solution is lying on the ground.. just before your eyes Gentlemen. :)

18th June 2004 08:06

I FOUND IT!!!!!! :D its a bitch to fly though. the solution to the problem what things to activate...

18th June 2004 08:06

"we won't download 0.62 when its out " :D yeah.. sure

18th June 2004 07:06

Hm I would think about it before trying out. Armin doesnt want that somebody finds this ufo. So he...

18th June 2004 06:06

maybe you have to blow up all benches and the radar, then get the right flags captured and wait for...

18th June 2004 06:06

I also just came back from playing this map. Looks and feeling are awsome. It's incredible.. I don'...

17th June 2004 20:06

Adobe InDesign. Just visit their page or any download page you may find for the trial version.

14th June 2004 07:06