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It only gets worse when you play the borg campaign. This game is really one of the worst compiled g...

8th August 2002 20:08

How would tweaking those files help the stability of the game?

8th August 2002 20:08

I already have them all. The only reason I bash the proggers is that I have a huge server lan with...

9th August 2002 20:08

I totally agree with the situation. People dont rant about stealing mods, of cource we know that th...

9th August 2002 21:08

Very much worth the money

12th August 2002 20:08

It is because it is not out yet.

12th August 2002 20:08

I rarely use them if at all. Just simply a waste mostly. I would only use them if I am really clos...

12th August 2002 20:08

Cause ricks sovy completely replaces the stock sovy. Ricks do not 100% match the file names and scr...

16th August 2002 01:08

Someone could get rich on ebay with this but what the heck is the skip mission cheat/trainer? They...

18th July 2005 07:07
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