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17th March 2005 03:03

Hfx_Rebeland you joined, what? 1 month and 4 days before me...damn! you're a vetren!! :lol::lol:...

17th March 2005 03:03

Gratulere med dagen, mon ami :beer:

20th March 2005 17:03

Happy B-day again. :beer: Lol, This is the second thred with the same name' Happy birthday Dread'...

22nd March 2005 00:03

NiteStrykerSo I was just wondering (im feelin fly right now lol) if anyone else had a situation wher...

12th March 2005 16:03

Someone banned Cap. Queeg? Well, he deserved to be banned

22nd March 2005 02:03

Wow... I can see it. No coments! I'm jealous! :D

22nd March 2005 02:03

Well, it is true...You should do somthing with that wall behind PC. :D PS: Nice PC

23rd March 2005 03:03

AzH, my friend, you should stay away from that because you can loos your friend.He is inn love in he...

23rd March 2005 04:03

Happy Easter to all. 10 days vacation for me

26th March 2005 01:03

IgnacioDon't fall overboard, that's the objective. :lol: Objectives: Grab a life jecket...

26th March 2005 14:03

IgnacioChaleco salvadidas debajo de su asiento. Right, but not this one ( see image) G...

27th March 2005 14:03

Cataphract63. Lol, he got ban on 63

12th March 2005 16:03

One friend of mine play Irish music tonight so I thing I will see that.I will take some :beer: so af...

27th February 2005 02:02

I've found this one: * I lost 250 pounds in one day I divorced her.

27th February 2005 03:02

HackoVonner: I believe if you look hard enough a server like you described exists: its called Fo...

28th February 2005 23:02

Happy birthday Ian :beer:

28th February 2005 23:02

Happy birthday Russ

2nd March 2005 04:03

Thank you Queeg :lookaround:

2nd March 2005 04:03

Happy birthday Goya :beer:

3rd March 2005 00:03

You should check others forums

3rd March 2005 00:03

God is Dog spelled backwards

3rd March 2005 02:03

Bebop13damn man why didnt i have teachers like that. yeah that ... damn some people are really luck...

4th March 2005 00:03

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.i see lots of goatse in their emails in the future.......and i do see your point matt....

4th March 2005 00:03

I don't know nothing about new flight combat simulators but I think that COMANCH4 (the old one- 2002...

4th March 2005 02:03