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Far Cry .I'm still playing it

4th March 2005 02:03

'Dreadnought[DK']i've seen things you people wouldn't believe. attack ships on fire off the shoulder...

6th March 2005 22:03

'Dreadnought[DK'] and on that note let's close tonight's lesson on off-topicness. next week's cla...

7th March 2005 15:03

El DragonAs to singing, I'm in a choral group and we performed Carl Orff's Carmina Buranna last wint...

7th March 2005 15:03

AegenemmnoNi wish they had gotten a better actor for Harry. See, this kid look exactly like a...

8th March 2005 05:03

Really nice story, Snake.

9th March 2005 14:03

good one bong :lol:

10th March 2005 03:03

Biggus Dickus Finaly I found you. Long time no see ah?

12th March 2005 03:03

I saw your sig and I saw that you will go on vacation. Where are you going? Skal du bli vaerende i...

29th January 2005 23:01

T- Rex? They want to revive one T-Rex? Why? Why is that good for? You can't eat damn T- Rex

27th March 2005 16:03

Mr.47UT2004 has enough maps, skins , mutators and downloaded to keep me coming back for more. This g...

4th January 2005 02:01

It is fun to be here

1st January 2005 18:01

My head... uh...It hurts. To much of :beer:for me last night...ooooouch...I hope you had a good tim...

1st January 2005 18:01

qotsaThis is how to keep an idiot busy Really hard..sheeeshhh :rolleyes: Don't you feel as an...

1st January 2005 22:01

English RoseIf everyone could keep the noise down in here please. PA has a HANGOVER...

1st January 2005 23:01

Angel-Eyes Poor PA. I know a good hangover cure, it works for me......drink a beer for brea...

2nd January 2005 22:01

El Dragon Besides, I'm about to start AzH's "walkin tall" method of forum administration if these...

3rd January 2005 04:01

I don't know why I like this thread? hehehe.New(old) sherif in the town :bows: Salute

3rd January 2005 06:01

long live this thread ... BTW... ' morning

3rd January 2005 18:01

BITE_ME is BACK missed you m8

3rd January 2005 21:01

B@SEBullshit and Ass kissing will put you over the top!!! ;) To Add: Dick-sucking will p...

3rd January 2005 22:01

@ AzH and Gizmo Welcome to WW and I hope to see you bouth on the servers

5th January 2005 03:01

Hiroyoshi Tokyo...

31st December 2004 20:12

BITE_ME .I'll:beer: in your name today.

8th January 2005 22:01

Hfx_Rebeluntil 1.6 comes out, the n00bs...err =GF= guys might want to take a couple minutes before j...

8th January 2005 22:01