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Some shots from my walk today and my recent trip to Vancouver and the bowl of ramen I made the other...

11th March 2018 01:03

Posted by MadMikeyB Hmph. You can be th...

11th March 2018 01:03

No scrubs allowed.

11th March 2018 01:03

Posted by RadioActiveLobster I'll believe that when I see it.And a fancy card game doesn't count IMO...

11th March 2018 01:03

See Im totally not dead. Im not a robot.

11th March 2018 01:03

Wait wait wait... Im still alive?!

11th March 2018 00:03

2 Tickets to the Mega Coaster. Or Tubing, as some may call it.

2nd January 2010 04:01

It is now Officially 2010, Happy New Year!

1st January 2010 07:01

Just added Spoiler tags for the less Resolutioning inclined. And TBH, I cant Wait :P

2nd January 2010 04:01

I am soo lost.

6th January 2010 00:01

Im still Lost.. Basically you make a site skin?

6th January 2010 03:01

Just finished off Hunt for the Red October, on my SONY Reader! This thing is sweet.... Probably goi...

1st January 2010 04:01

Some water, Iced Tea and Beef Jerky

31st December 2009 03:12

Case with a built in light for my Sony Reader

29th December 2009 23:12

My God man!! If you keep cranking out models, we wont know what to do with them all!

30th December 2009 20:12

Got my XBOX Back!@!@! YES! SO im back playing MW2 and L4D2

30th December 2009 20:12

Well.. By the time its Midnight here, ill probably be in Bed.. So Happy New Years!

1st January 2010 04:01

COD 4: Modern Warfare Was walking along and went to sneak up on this dude I saw, so I started walki...

31st December 2009 07:12

BlitZ, The 57th;5184491I feel ya man. Modern Warfare 2 has many many many more of these kinds of p...

31st December 2009 21:12

I only get a red X. I wanted to enter this, but I probably wont... Im not home so I dont have my PS...

9th January 2010 02:01

I find pictures I like from around the net then Resize them in my Photoshop. :D

10th January 2010 07:01

Coming from the guy with 13 posts. Be nice people.

9th January 2010 02:01

Beat ME2 little over 2 hours ago... MUST PLAY AGAIN! I gotta not let *beep* happen! *Most of sente...

29th January 2010 06:01

I saw the Olympic Torch, it was epic!

26th January 2010 03:01

Bummpy. Got my computer back finally, and I felt like some GFX.

29th January 2010 08:01