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I just registered and Iwas wondering if my access will take a day or two to be activated. And I woul...

22nd June 2002 07:06

I said the same thing then Mr.Greg killed the post i made

16th October 2002 05:10

:cool: LEt me tell oyu chums that it ain't Firewall cause i have firewall and it lets me play fine!...

24th September 2002 05:09

How do i install ships on SFC3?

12th February 2003 08:02

i found mine at ebay but the expansions get bids of up to a bout 40.00 since they stopped making exp...

10th February 2003 00:02

i think the only ones who know are the people of the sgmod. :lol: :frog:

7th January 2003 07:01

i have the radeon 7500 i think and it works pretty good! hope this helps.:rock:

26th December 2002 03:12

there was a Cs mod made quite a while back.:lookaround:

6th December 2002 09:12

Yea that can help trust me :D

5th August 2002 05:08

What do i have to have to make EF skins for this web page? : :bows: :rock:

23rd June 2002 06:06

I'm back and I got that problem too now but now my Graphics card is dead! So you may want to double...

6th July 2002 05:07

Is a spot still available in your clan? =>Admiral Ice--Man<= :rock:

24th June 2002 05:06

EF2 should be out in christmas 2002! Which is really good!:rock: :dance:

23rd June 2002 22:06

I'm an average joe who would like to have a server where the "low skill" players can go without bein...

23rd June 2002 08:06

Sorry guys but like 90% of this site is for mapping I was wondering about skinning and plus alot is...

6th July 2002 06:07

I want to make skins for but I don't what I need to start! :dance:

23rd June 2002 07:06

I agree the shots do look well.... rather strange. What's with it? :p

23rd June 2002 07:06


23rd June 2002 07:06

what the heck is a clan?:confused:

23rd June 2002 07:06

I don't know either but if I find out I'll tell you! :D

23rd June 2002 07:06

It's true that if you put no name I THINK that the computer automatically gives you the "RedShirt" n...

23rd June 2002 07:06

It may be because your computor is too old or somfin like that. Just a guess! :lookaround:

23rd June 2002 06:06

This is helping I might even make a Iceplanet map where you have lots of items and then all of the s...

6th July 2002 05:07

Where do I get Oldwest map cause effiles don't have it here and I'd like to get it.

8th July 2002 21:07

Don't look on ebay i tried and all the items go past 20.00 so just buy it from your nearest tech sto...

31st July 2002 07:07
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