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22nd October 2019 00:10


21st October 2019 19:10

*sigh*  Behavior is...very tricky.  People come from all walks of life learning innumerable habits t...

20th October 2019 03:10

10th October 2019 16:10


9th October 2019 22:10

I assume most of us are familiar with the character of Hannibal Lecter from the movie Silence of...

9th October 2019 22:10

Still counts.  

9th October 2019 02:10

So, I am a big fan of both food and recipes.  Please let us know your favorites. This is certainly...

8th October 2019 02:10

What a time to be alive.  It seems like the entire population of the U.S. is pitting itself against...

7th October 2019 21:10

Ensign Rawrls has returned!!!!!

30th September 2019 20:09

I've been contemplating getting a VR headset for sometime now, but I'm still a bit skeptical.  On th...

19th August 2019 21:08


17th August 2019 21:08

It definitely seemed shorter than IV, but I think - and this is just my opinion - RockStar was more...

17th August 2019 21:08

Still not quite in the majors but miles ahead of what I used to have:

17th August 2019 21:08

Same card ^_^

17th August 2019 21:08

I generally smoke twice a year.  Once in the summer and once around Christmas.

17th August 2019 21:08

Who is Ron and why is he torturing you, Zephyr?

7th August 2019 23:08

Get with the times, Zephyr.

7th August 2019 23:08


7th August 2019 23:08

THX 1138.

27th June 2019 05:06

Posted by AlDajaI identify as a grapefruit and find this entire conversation offensive.  I will now...

19th May 2019 05:05

Posted by DannyPosted by Andron TapsPosted by tolgaPepperjack all day for meAlso yesMy dear sir, I w...

27th April 2019 01:04

Is Doge.

1st April 2019 00:04

Posted by tolgaPepperjack all day for meAlso yes My dear sir, I would like to offer you a sincere...

26th March 2019 02:03

Who's Jeff / n0e?

19th March 2019 20:03