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Welcome aboard! Don't forget to check out our DIscord server!

21st April 2021 02:04


1st April 2021 21:04

Posted by MrFancypants That being said, one dinner I enjoyed was eating lobster in a nice little pla...

3rd February 2021 20:02

Ok, that settles it.

31st January 2021 04:01

Zephyr, are you sentient?

31st January 2021 04:01

I remember years ago, we went to a Waffle House a little out of the way and the staff there was just...

30th January 2021 01:01

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against the server administrator, known locally as the epon...

27th January 2021 04:01

Should be fine now.

25th January 2021 23:01

25th January 2021 23:01

25th December 2020 09:12

Can't really think of anything I need or want.  

17th December 2020 15:12

Posted by JameswilYes I play on Voobly, even in 2020 we are still a lot playing this game Check o...

3rd November 2020 11:11


16th October 2020 12:10

I suppose.

16th October 2020 12:10

So we've been playing Jack Box games for a couple of weeks now via Discord and the generosity of peo...

4th September 2020 19:09


7th August 2020 20:08

i c how it is...

4th August 2020 13:08

Who you calling old?  Now give me back my cane and get off my lawn!

4th August 2020 12:08

Gizmo pls.

1st August 2020 15:08

Drinking, mostly.  And contemplating our inevitable demise.  Other than that, re-reading my textbook...

15th July 2020 09:07

Basically, changing subjects and whatnot.  On the forums where time is taken to respond, a conversat...

12th July 2020 14:07

Nowadays, most forums consist of talking about one, singular game or game series.  Everything else,...

11th July 2020 14:07

Zephyr is a TSA bot.

26th April 2020 17:04


25th April 2020 13:04

It was Faktrl's idea@RadioactiveLobster  ⁠

25th April 2020 13:04