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:beer: Go the Aussie's

7th October 2004 10:10

I have a Asus A7N8X-X motherboard agp is set 8x I also run Nortons i tried disabling it but that did...

15th April 2005 21:04

The cows are on a custom map 2NZEF Outskirts of Berlin!

23rd May 2005 13:05

22nd May 2005 20:05

:thatsgreat: Pink whats wrong with that its the best color!

12th May 2005 06:05

Goodwood Chartres Sector-318 Operation Norwind Meuse River Line

10th May 2005 06:05

This is only an update to the #3 mappack why wasnt it just call Fanmap Pack#3a rather than #4 its no...

1st May 2005 06:05

I am confused this mappack #4 has the same maps as mappack #3 or have I missed somthing. :confused:

30th April 2005 20:04

:cort: Worse vanillia map even worse in FH!

30th April 2005 19:04

I doesnt matter what sound settings I have tried them all even tried playing in safe mode! and safe...

15th April 2005 09:04

I have had a play with the War Front mod they released a ver1.0 for BF42 it was ok but FH is far bet...

20th June 2005 08:06

I have PB v 1.172 i am running the ati driver ver and ver for the sound card...

15th April 2005 06:04

My problem is when trying to play CoD UO mp with PB enable my comp completelly locks up only hitting...

14th April 2005 22:04

I am having the same problem, I have updated all drivers and punkbuster, now the only time I have a...

13th April 2005 07:04

Jigen DaisukeThere's always a way in. Think of what you have to do on Charlie Sector... Yes allrea...

10th April 2005 14:04

I did and could not get the flag is capping symbol to appear!

9th April 2005 12:04

I down loaded the new map pack and loaded up Tulagi Island, now the problem is with the flag a the j...

9th April 2005 09:04

Yoy can download the new Berlin Outskirts here

6th April 2005 13:04


1st April 2005 07:04

Real-BadSeednot feeling quite so old anymore :D hehe Me too hehe I do really well in the close qua...

27th May 2005 21:05

Isn't mordern technology amazing how some shock paddles can fix a chest full of bullets holes! :roll...

24th June 2005 05:06

This is a top notch server. Thanks AEF for a great game on Seelow Hieghts on Sunday night it was aws...

22nd March 2005 08:03

albin0hallo im new here. Oy devs, anything much in the way of troop/character models been done yet?...

19th July 2006 12:07

Sgt.NightFire;4120270What map do you dislike the most? For me its Operation Hyacinth,its too dark...

30th December 2007 06:12


15th December 2007 21:12