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So, rear first times My English is not so well thus for the time being Sorry ^^ Dragonball - Modifi...

22nd March 2009 04:03


28th July 2010 21:07

wtf the link is ok but here ...

27th July 2010 22:07

LegacyImperials.pk3 - Wuala LegacyRP Imperial Knight :D

7th July 2010 01:07

Thats Lenico's Model. He made a New Sith Order Modelpack with Emperorpalpa from the Void contact le...

11th January 2010 21:01

I think thats Cad Bane. :p

2nd August 2009 18:08

I can help u.

18th June 2009 08:06

if u need help with weighting pm me ;) edit: Nice One for fist model ^^

4th May 2009 05:05

The mode from Lenico need good texture and the epic is not origenial is frankkensteined

12th April 2009 19:04

I know, a banned user has mad a Darth Krayt model and the another sith lords but any details are por...

11th April 2009 18:04

power whitin is dead mod and ESF is a half life mod i have 80% finished from my mod and i dont relea...

8th April 2009 04:04

~*Seto*~;4845361I think those models are quite nice... maybe you should just release a DBZ model pac...

23rd March 2009 02:03

U mean the Power Within? form Shady-D? Noo i think about a complett new. Here a Little Pic of 4 Mod...

22nd March 2009 21:03

Kobra's Models.

26th February 2009 02:02

I have a Paine Model.

30th January 2009 14:01

:p Thanks

5th December 2008 03:12

You have a Model but no weighted? And this is A Star wars Thriology Model? I can help :p And sry fo...

5th December 2008 01:12

Hello First. I know about the DarkForce Project/Mots Project and Found the General Mohc Model (No We...

3rd December 2008 23:12

For a few months i want to weight Kenshin but i want the another Models too for a complet Pack. i fo...

1st December 2008 23:12

DXL? Do you finished with your another project Oo? I mean you have time for This model but not for t...

5th November 2008 22:11

i Know the Problem Deledt "bold_r_hand" and try it again ^^.

3rd November 2008 22:11

Ah thanks for the help :D

2nd November 2008 21:11

wich clone wars mod?

2nd November 2008 05:11

Hey i look for a Genosian model and i found wytchking's work Question: Is the Model Finsihed?

2nd November 2008 04:11

Lightsource;4591494please don't bump the thread, I haven't abandoned ( nor I will abandon it ) the p...

31st October 2008 21:10
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