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Oh my god! can't... stop... playing!

28th January 2007 05:01

snow? never hear that before, can we eat that?

1st February 2007 15:02


1st February 2007 03:02

9.5/10 love ww2...

1st February 2007 02:02

9/10 very nice...

31st January 2007 14:01

yep, there was, and I already linked it on my other post... anyways, here (<=link) again.

31st January 2007 01:01

here is an older thread with some of the easter eggs in FH the FH cola Spoiler: Show

30th January 2007 11:01

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! my eyes!!!!!

30th January 2007 01:01

Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil :cya:

29th January 2007 23:01

well now I have exactly R$0,45 that is something near $0,22 I'm poor :(

28th January 2007 04:01

Il-2 46 Fh

28th January 2007 04:01

lilbond;3506534LOL. As an April Fools joke, we should remove the FH forum. never! you spam inhabitan...

28th January 2007 04:01

yes, Pornska is a traitor! foodmaniac we should call the firing squad to deal with him!

28th January 2007 04:01

very nice! 9.5/10

28th January 2007 01:01

hehe, nice hat. here is my dog: Spoiler: Show

28th January 2007 01:01

not sure yet, must see if it will run in my pc...

28th January 2007 01:01

well, what could you have spected? you have 2 posts, joined yesterday just to ask a sig...

27th January 2007 11:01

:rofl: what a noob! and I'm prety sure he thought it was your firewall that "reflected" the virus .....

27th January 2007 11:01

hehe, bom ver que tem mais brasileiros/portugueses por aqui :cya: EDIT: eta pulação de post do cara...

2nd February 2007 06:02

just go to the custom game tab on the menu and active the FHSW.

7th February 2007 01:02

the release of FH0.5 maybe? I wasn't here but as FH0.5 was release at this time and the Forgotten Ho...

17th February 2007 03:02

LOL! I want one of those!

23rd February 2007 14:02

9.5/10 beautfull

23rd February 2007 01:02

9/10 fun

22nd February 2007 09:02

of the end of

22nd February 2007 04:02