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Gotta be: M1 Garand, Lee-enfield, Mosin-nagant, Mp40 - Rifles make the game more fun in my eyes - ex...

10th March 2004 09:03

This is my best score so far on a 56k 31 - 15 with rifle Can't wait for ADSL net week!!

10th March 2004 09:03

Hi guys, I'm going to be the proud owner of 512k ADSL next week...For other people thinking of upg...

10th March 2004 09:03

Don't always stay in the same place. I keep moving and tend to go to crouch, aim, fire, dead.....As...

10th March 2004 09:03

Excellent - as I say, my B/Band is coming next week - The world of COD beware - LOL

10th March 2004 13:03

A clan of sorts should be set up - or just a server (if anyone has access to one) for us who want to...

10th March 2004 13:03

Gotta be a long range head shot of a moving target - get in!!

11th March 2004 08:03

I think the download speed is 512k and upload 254k - no more "connection interupted" messages - wooh...

11th March 2004 12:03

If so, please click here for your chance to bid

23rd June 2004 15:06

Its been removed now by ebay for health reasons :( It was meant more of a joke than me actually tr...

25th June 2004 08:06

1ghz PIII Geforce 3 Ti200 512 ram 40 gig + 10 gig HD COD runs fine on medium settings, but I need...

7th July 2004 10:07

Ventrillo + XFire

7th July 2004 10:07