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How do i add an afterburner on a new plane model? I added the right bones but it wont show in game....

22nd August 2003 05:08

here u go i just edited one file

30th October 2003 09:10

which of the 3 types of lasers for the particle cannon did you edit?

3rd November 2003 22:11

you just have to look at how it is coded then put it in your ini files

2nd November 2003 10:11

there is only one model for the missile

1st November 2003 22:11

here is another one. tell me which one is better

1st November 2003 22:11

here give this one a try:

1st November 2003 14:11

i'll see wat i can do.

1st November 2003 10:11

maybe you should try adding the bunkerbusterbehavior module tag to the projectile object

1st November 2003 10:11

if i rotate it some more it won't land the right way. it lands either side ways or backwards.

1st November 2003 00:11

ur csf editor doesnt support long csf entries that is why it is cut off. there is a new csf editor a...

30th October 2003 09:10

i'll try to search for one. thnx anyway

5th November 2003 18:11

u need to edit the weaponobject.ini, find the Supw_aurorafuelairbomb. you'll find this code: ; Beha...

30th October 2003 09:10

u can find it in the superweapons general ini

17th October 2003 06:10

maybe it works like that of power, u put a - on the value

16th October 2003 05:10

where did u got the f-18 model? u made it? can u send it to me also

15th October 2003 19:10

you must edit the gamedata.ini

8th October 2003 19:10

is that the code i posted on ur other thread? if so just change the finalrubbleobject to comancherub...

27th September 2003 19:09

colonel_millard do u hav a model for the medihawk?

21st September 2003 08:09

here is a link of a tutorial hope it helps u:

20th September 2003 21:09

Does anyone have a spare infantry cameo. I need it for my new infantry, it fires mortar rounds. thnx...

4th November 2003 09:11

i found one. thnx guys for the suggestions. here the pic:

6th November 2003 23:11

i've sent the apache model.check ur mail

20th September 2003 12:09

You have to load the model to Gmax reapply the skin then export it under a different name. renaming...

15th December 2003 20:12

you have to indicate in the AIUpdateInterface module tag the ff: Behavior = AIUpdateInterface Module...

18th March 2004 16:03