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"Enemy is oblitafried!"

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disconnected cos either ur cheating , the admin doesnt like u , or ur lagging - check ur ping when u...

25th April 2004 14:04


25th April 2004 12:04

1.they are in multiplayer because u dont have single player (youll have to code AI paths n stuff if...

25th April 2004 12:04

yep thats the best config , also great for BFV

23rd April 2004 16:04

i think the DC team is making the PS2 version , where as EA sweden is making BF2

23rd April 2004 09:04

the screensshots uve seen are from the panis mini-mod which allow u to pickup everything , vanilla B...

22nd April 2004 17:04

soz wrong number u want 56.72 forceware drivers

21st April 2004 15:04

dont know the problem but try getting the 52.76 forceware drivers

21st April 2004 15:04


21st April 2004 09:04

go into "go advanced" next to reply and goto attach , i like alot bout the game only thing that sta...

20th April 2004 21:04

make sure that all objects are unlocked , ( the little button in the toolbar with the picture of wo...

18th April 2004 14:04

http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/bc/60b06627_L4046b90a/bc/RP_Vietnam/rpv1g.zip?BCaIXgABx6pcAKkP download thi...

17th April 2004 16:04

nothing , it should work from the start aslong as it has a name it works.

16th April 2004 16:04

press page up to raise water and page down to lower it, you can change water color by going to "worl...

4th April 2004 18:04

heres another :)

3rd April 2004 23:04

OOOH OOH I GOTTA GET! p.s im being sarcastic.

18th January 2004 14:01

wot custom map?

7th February 2004 20:02

i think its a general glitch with 1.6.

21st February 2004 21:02

.3 i mean

20th February 2004 20:02

EoD comes with bot support so theres no real point now .

20th February 2004 20:02

ok, well there isnt supposed to be a movie in the background when you load the TP also try going in...

20th February 2004 15:02

or just type "restart"

20th February 2004 15:02

in wot way does it not work , i.e does it not load , does it not load maps , does it crash when u ge...

19th February 2004 17:02

fileplanet make $60 off each subscriber every year , id say thats quite a bit for a "free" mod.

18th February 2004 16:02

u have to code the AI seperately, im not sure how you'll have to look it up urself.

18th February 2004 16:02