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that would be so freaking cool but your talking about Lord Nosferatu Alucard (yes that is his reall...

9th May 2007 21:05

great work gj

24th October 2007 21:10

sounds like ichigo with black pineapple hair lol

27th October 2007 21:10

i only knew the name of the Jackal :/

27th October 2007 21:10

ah the 9mm Jackal Anti-Freak gun is a nice work of art so is Joshua would be cool to have them

26th October 2007 21:10

looks good to me

26th October 2007 03:10

can u say jedi reskin? because thats what i see in it

25th October 2007 21:10

looks like an awsome map great job Darth Parrot

24th October 2007 21:10

nice out fit and kick ass saber

24th October 2007 21:10

its awsome but dosnt the pic show that its a dark color or is it me?

24th October 2007 21:10

check ur pic black robes but the pants being a black dress kind of thing (or baggy shorts that con...

28th October 2007 05:10

If us see the model on HeavyArms and HeavyArms custom its a total new design

23rd October 2007 01:10

looks awsome gj

22nd October 2007 23:10

Heavy Arms has 3 versions Heavy Arms : one gattling gun

22nd October 2007 23:10

nope there is no moddel or skin made of Trunks

22nd October 2007 21:10

gundam wing is awsome but u posted pictures of the gundam versions who arnt used for example the in...

22nd October 2007 21:10

uhm i dint know he was from france now i do so i understand it

20th October 2007 21:10

im from belgium but i can handle my english so i understand it

20th October 2007 18:10

thats not actualy a polite way to request but w/e an irvine model would be cool

20th October 2007 16:10

in the regular anime its name aint told

28th October 2007 01:10

cdmanjak;4003318great thanks for nothing hahahaha i laughed so hard of this and indeed kitsu ur...

29th October 2007 02:10

yea indeed it would be awsome if this was done btw to get the SoulEater from riku at Tryforge just d...

18th October 2007 23:10

nice hud but this is the wrong topic for bleach stuff lol

31st October 2007 18:10

for Micheal Myers u should probably change the mask more like in these pics Spoiler: Show 2007...

4th November 2007 05:11

take ur time it looks great

4th November 2007 03:11