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You might want to go to I just ordered a G4 440 mx for $31.00

27th December 2002 03:12

:furious: I really need help with my killing. Is it better to use the site or just the cross hair?

27th December 2002 03:12

:furious: I need help with my KILLING. Is it better to use the site or just the crosshair. I could h...

27th December 2002 03:12

THanks I'll try again tonight:rock:

27th December 2002 03:12

:confused: When aiming through the site , what is the best way: Can you zoom in and out? Does the b...

27th December 2002 03:12

What vid card do you have? I ran into the same problem, only to find out my card is not supported....

27th December 2002 04:12

What about when just looking through the site on the M16?

27th December 2002 04:12

Valour What do YOU do during close quarters? Are you playing tonight? I think I went a round with...

27th December 2002 05:12

I can't stand defenders and have only been playing for one week. From what I see D is only for Honor...

31st December 2002 07:12

I just would rather push forward than sit and wait for the enemy to come to me.

31st December 2002 08:12