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ok the first thing is the fackt that u have to edit the quick battle.py file to support the 3 torp t...

4th September 2002 14:09

all u have to do is edit a string in the OEP cloking device script in the HP file

4th September 2002 14:09

Ill help u make wepons for it if u want me too my email is [email]jeff_vaughn69@planttel.net[/email]

5th September 2002 13:09

ill make one today and release it and give u 50% of the credit b/c that was a good idea

5th September 2002 13:09

ok bo to the BCN http//www.bridge-commander.com and dl my weapon/torp mod there is a tutorial on mod...

5th September 2002 13:09

here it is, it will replace the quickbattle.py in the quickbattle game folder and enable you to use...

26th September 2002 01:09

if you want me to i will make it that way doing now but for right now it supports three for the Exca...

26th September 2002 22:09

ill take a crakc at it

30th September 2002 15:09

i need the khitomer class niffed im not gonna post a pic but get me on messeger and ill send it to y...

11th October 2002 22:10

here are some pics of SP Sephiroth HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! srry guys but killin peeps as Seffie RULES

3rd May 2003 15:05

i dont know what the deal is but the pic is too big resizing

3rd May 2003 17:05

and another

3rd May 2003 17:05

Vampire Hunter D hehehe

3rd May 2003 17:05

im goin to release on my page soon but i have to have permissions and such

3rd May 2003 18:05