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I cry when I saw awesome stuff and that news make me cry like a little girl. :lol:

31st July 2008 11:07

Great topic. I was thinking about making a topic like that for pacific battle and army.

6th August 2008 05:08

LordInvictus;4369518World War 3?! What did I missed?!?! Yeah the one with alien. :cool:

4th June 2008 23:06

Woah I love the bar. Nice italian model too. But thanks god finally a cheap submachine gun. I love i...

28th August 2008 03:08

Domo230;4518622I dont care if its a stupid question, my curiosity got the best of me and so im gonna...

21st August 2008 00:08

lightning will I have my rep power increase because a predict the trench gun and the m1 garand :P Wh...

21st August 2008 01:08

Welcome to Otolikos good to see another great mapper on the team.

21st August 2008 01:08

PR was the mod being this try, I'm not sure but the server is really not stable

21st August 2008 01:08


21st August 2008 02:08

Kev4000;4518982EDIT: Oh yeah I predicted a long time ago that the Trenchgun was of high enough quali...

21st August 2008 03:08

You're my hero again lobo. But I hope to see the M1897 shotgun in the future in pacific. I know ther...

21st August 2008 04:08

If they did that, they will make mistake. M1917 bayonet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia M1905 bay...

21st August 2008 06:08

torenico;4522875Favourite div in HoI2 =D the one that entered in moscow.. I agree on Young.. i agr...

22nd August 2008 04:08

McGibs;4531107We have several ships coded and working in FH2, including a carrier, corvette and U-bo...

26th August 2008 04:08

I know some b-17 was use in pacific like a tactical bomber (midway for exemple). I think seeing one...

30th August 2008 00:08

M1 garand and m1a1 thompson

21st August 2008 00:08

Today, a question pop in my mind about FH2 and that question lead me to an idea. What about the crea...

2nd September 2008 04:09

2nd September 2008 07:09

Piat or flamethrower m1

3rd September 2008 21:09

Cesokeso;4555156Well tomorrow then! Amen

4th September 2008 00:09

Niebler;4555479Do I smell a release date tomorrow? :D :< Bait for dreamcrusher.

4th September 2008 02:09

'LIGHTNING [NL;4556563']You're quite right Meadow, I was indeed speaking of renders and screenshots....

4th September 2008 22:09

Nice hope to see the sherman with normandy skin :P with brecourt manor.

5th September 2008 02:09

Like the other update. Great stuff.

5th September 2008 03:09

What about a bayonet for the trench gun ?

5th September 2008 03:09