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Meadow;4512561I know it's off topic but I would love to see a Lewis gun as a hand held weapon on a m...

18th August 2008 05:08

torenico;4512872Panzer III N would be usefull for Tunis.. and wait a second! i remember! the devs di...

18th August 2008 09:08

Mr_Cheese;4513072I'm an archaeologist, I get paid (but not enough!) for digging holes and messing ar...

19th August 2008 04:08

I hate the tiger. Its one of my bad dream. Hope to see him in this new.

4th June 2008 23:06

Friends and chance.

4th June 2008 23:06

Great stuff, «little» tweak like that make FH2 more a new game than a total conversation.

11th September 2008 04:09

For US and british paratrooper: Gammon bomb

6th March 2008 00:03

Ts4EVER;4228942Perhaps it´s a wordplay... he never said within this week. Now, you are the crusher o...

22nd February 2008 02:02

23rd February 2008 08:02

All WW2 army committed crime because is in the human nature to make some stuff like that in war time...

25th February 2008 08:02

I think it will be normandy. I hope.

28th February 2008 06:02

Sweet update. Its not the pacific but you make me happy with this news. Hope to see people on the be...

28th February 2008 07:02

I'm sad because the next theater is not pacific, but I'm happy because its Normandy. I hope to see p...

28th February 2008 07:02

I will sacrifice your life if you dont stop to make stupid topic.:rofl:

28th February 2008 07:02

Hope to see flamethrower for beach map and bocage map.

28th February 2008 08:02

skooterkid23;4239627I say 1-2 years and it would be done! :banplz:

28th February 2008 09:02

Yep, finally AT weapons will be able to destroy tank :P

28th February 2008 11:02

I think it will be about the patch for african theater:P

6th March 2008 02:03

Weapons for USmarines and US army: Johnson 1941 rifle m1941 Johnson light Machine gun m1944 Joh...

22nd February 2008 02:02

It will be cool

6th March 2008 05:03

You will be disappoint :)

6th March 2008 06:03

Great carrier :)

6th March 2008 07:03


7th March 2008 09:03

Moose12;4258656Higgins Boat? I hope :)

13th March 2008 05:03

Cl0S3D;4258686READY FOR LANDING obviously means something about normandy Or operation Torch

13th March 2008 05:03