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i can model:

27th July 2009 08:07

depends on the shader you're using.

18th February 2011 01:02

other than some small detailing on the wrist guards... high poly is done!

8th February 2011 17:02

AshuraDX;5466050this is fantastic ! but may I ask for a closeup of his mask ? :bows:

9th February 2011 18:02

Devoted;5466501Is it made in Zbrush? Do you use graphic tablet? yes, and yes. low poly done, n...

10th February 2011 04:02

just using a cheap nasty one atm: - Wide Screen Design Tablet (TB-7300)

10th February 2011 05:02

this comes from Kevin Johnstone, a veteran of the industry, and currently an environment artist for...

10th February 2011 10:02

first texture pass, still need to define the wool/leather materials vs the metal.

10th February 2011 12:02

getting closer to the feeling i want for the materials. black leather is being a bitch though... i w...

11th February 2011 12:02

it's just a 3dsmax viewport screenshot, nothing flashy.

12th February 2011 02:02

12th February 2011 05:02

YouTube - Revan turnaround quick material check, want to see if the materials are reading as what t...

16th February 2011 03:02

YouTube - revan turnaround... again so yeah, i think i've settled on materials now. still need some...

16th February 2011 14:02

i got a bit bored :o

17th February 2011 11:02

meh, you can't make realtime static mesh lightsources in max =[

17th February 2011 23:02

i use 3pointshader cos it's sexy =x

18th February 2011 01:02

armour detailing

8th February 2011 13:02

it can't be better than the source art. period.

19th February 2011 02:02

there's an irc channel? :o

19th February 2011 18:02

i just finished this guy up today (or finished by my standards anyway). i'm certainly open to critic...

7th March 2011 22:03

no i need to send it to minilogoguy to get him to rig it.

8th March 2011 04:03

who's hirman?

8th March 2011 04:03

wow, the model crashes your game? that's pretty brutal :o

8th March 2011 04:03

hipsize? could be that the hip segment contains more than 1000 verts? not sure, logoguy segmented th...

8th March 2011 05:03

early wip... somewhat related ;)

8th March 2011 20:03