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If you guys love it so much why dont you marry it :frog: LoL. Just messing around. If you check back...

27th April 2002 10:04

*cough* yea i forgot to include the sig. My bad ^_^

12th July 2002 14:07

Yes. As far changing grav, you can just make your own little server in the game. The command is g_...

23rd December 2002 11:12

Yea you gotta watch those mortars sometimes. Oh for a trip, change the gravity to less than 400, the...

23rd December 2002 01:12

Our server runs t3. Actually ken (staff) was fooling around with quad xenos methinks. Anyway the ser...

23rd December 2002 01:12

Yes, but if you makem high the picture is all ugly.

23rd December 2002 01:12

Anyone can aim. If an allie is on the comms tower and kills you in 3 hits when you're running across...

20th December 2002 08:12

Lessens the screen shake, lets the enemy stand out like a jew in hitle r's reign(no offense). Trust...

19th December 2002 07:12

Now SXGL too :p I saw you on the server today dragonfly, good to have ya.

15th December 2002 15:12

It's a server company but they're opening ladders. You know, like ogl and cal and all that? Ours is...

15th December 2002 08:12

ServerXtreme recently opened it's RTCW 6v6 SW section and we need some teams to come and play. If yo...

15th December 2002 05:12

Uh yea. /kick is an admin ability. Mostly it's an rcon command, but.. we shant go into details. A pu...

13th October 2002 02:10

Originally posted by Phut The ability to switch from Medic to Lt. and back is the ultimate cheat....

30th August 2002 02:08

rag not on -)cfw(- or.. well you know... we'll do things. :)))

12th July 2002 14:07

Panzers are in the game for a reason.. to be used. People who think panzers are 'annoying' obviously...

9th July 2002 10:07

You guys should check out our server, no custom maps though sorry. The ip and whatnot is in my sig....

12th July 2002 14:07

Thats the CP version of the level. Why? I dont know.

11th July 2002 06:07

My set up is essentially, tribes. :D

11th July 2002 06:07

Ha! No one has all the answers! Well.. maybe

11th July 2002 02:07

Spanish is no fun, Japanese however is. :D GENKI?! lol

10th July 2002 13:07

You're refering to the roof way the hell up there. Near the rock path. You just gotta find the right...

10th July 2002 02:07

I think it has to be the last skin you install, and you have to be on an unpure server.

10th July 2002 02:07

No no no, Like in worms 2 you had the 'ninja rope' which was mostly used to get from point a to poin...

10th July 2002 02:07

Sounds like one of those lame worms 2 clans that only people who couldnt rope used.

9th July 2002 15:07

Yea i've got a logitech, works fine for me. My old ball mouse was sticking some so i dropped it and...

9th July 2002 15:07
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