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Hi, Im AmpleTube, and i play lots on LIVE especially on halo2. So im looking to join a serious cl...

31st December 2004 15:12

yeh add AmpleTube to your freinds

1st January 2005 18:01

thanks, well im hoping to make it the next big thing, well ive been thinlking do you want to help me...

3rd January 2005 16:01

Hi, I hope i have posted in the right forum. Anyway, i am going to be making a new site soon...

2nd January 2005 18:01

yeh i wouldnt do anything for free, i need paying in some way, maybe a game?

2nd January 2005 18:01

yeh i go there all the time, useful place

2nd January 2005 16:01

hi and welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay.

1st January 2005 21:01

hi,, i was wondering if any of you had a spare layout for a gaming league site, or know of any pl...

1st January 2005 18:01

cheers guys, still looking for a clan though

31st December 2004 19:12

lol, i wont mess with them, and yeh my name is kinda cool

1st January 2005 17:01

cheers. i cant find any clans so ive started my own up, ill make a new topic in the halo2 clan forum...

31st December 2004 22:12

I think that a Plasma Pistol and an SMG for multiplayer mode is the best, because you have the pisto...

31st December 2004 21:12

i recon RTW, and LOTR: Battle for Middle earth, BFME is one awesome RTS

31st December 2004 21:12

Welcome mate, enjoy the forums

31st December 2004 21:12

ok cheers hawk. ill take a look now

31st December 2004 20:12

i was like this once, but then my freind helped me to code and now i can do it all mysekf :)

3rd January 2005 17:01