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Ohio got spanked by that storm too. So I know yer pain. We have tons of the white stuff on the groun...

19th February 2007 10:02

Whos Ashley Simpson?

20th February 2007 05:02

Moved to the correct forum. Mod talk, help etc etc.

20th February 2007 05:02

Just another rich bitch that dont know any better I guess. Just figures. Ya see how much I pay atten...

20th February 2007 05:02

Hes the big boss I guess you can say. Theres still Dread, Revenge, and Weiner.. AzH is gone now too...

2nd March 2007 05:03

Doesnt the other Jill live in Alabama?

2nd March 2007 06:03

Did you save madd dogg yet? Is all of Mike Toreno missions done? And I think you need to have all of...

12th March 2007 14:03

Yeah rockstar is one of the top ones. But EA I bet is number 1.

9th March 2007 08:03

Jill;3574882Speaking about accents..we talk regular down here in the South. We don't make fun of th...

10th March 2007 04:03

Happy Birthday..

12th March 2007 08:03

I really hate questions asking me what I hate.

13th March 2007 06:03

How much time has gone by since your last mission, and what was that mission?

13th March 2007 14:03

Yeah I have never had any problems with this sort of thing when I used to run XP. Went thru it one m...

13th March 2007 23:03 There ya go.

14th March 2007 11:03

Breaking the bank mission starts at the four dragons casino. I take it you have done cop wheels and...

14th March 2007 12:03

Its the consoles that make the money, and thats what its all about. Either way it dont matter to me...

14th March 2007 12:03

Yeah I cant wait either. Someone posted that link today I think,, in the gta forums.

9th March 2007 08:03

Yes try and do it with no mods at first. Then go back thru and go nuts.. Moved to right area.

9th March 2007 08:03

Knippschild;3562179wanna lose more? No? Then don't bring neg rep issues in the public :) You da...

2nd March 2007 08:03

I run the neighbor hood lots. It helps clear my head. Iam not sure how many miles, I dont keep track...

6th March 2007 06:03

Rich19;3562128Current brain: decided to direct me to this thread. Desired brain: won't do so in futu...

2nd March 2007 08:03

:bananal: happy b day hun...

2nd March 2007 08:03

Cinderella nobody's fool is a good song..

2nd March 2007 08:03

Sometimes it takes a few days for people to respond, plus this is not the place to be talking about...

3rd March 2007 05:03

This is also in the wrong spot. Please make sure your posting things in the right areas.

3rd March 2007 05:03