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those 460mm gun are usless in this map... so no player will stay at seat 1 and 2... Yamamoto become...

29th August 2004 04:08

i ahte the Garand of BF, can we have a new one? may be something like other mods?

24th August 2004 14:08

I think BG's M1 Garand is almot the same of DOD, what do you think?

24th August 2004 15:08

Scoped rifles is usless, only G43sniper at omaha can score a hit on stand still target.

27th August 2004 03:08

hope will increase the reload time of mg34, mg42, PPSH

28th August 2004 03:08

new Berlin! Budapest! Okinawa! East Prussia!

28th August 2004 09:08

southern front..............................................

28th August 2004 10:08

Arisaka Carbine and the Mosin Carbine??? what is the different in game with Arisaka and Mosin?? the...

30th August 2004 23:08

oh my god, people don't know chinese history are talking about chinese history

12th September 2004 21:09

suggest to have a people assault class for germn in Berlin map/ new Berlin 3)Volkssturmgewehr 1-5...

31st August 2004 05:08


31st August 2004 07:08

okok...cannot just treat them as another class for anti-tank? put in kit?

31st August 2004 08:08

rifle: Chung Jung (a chinese copy of k98), Han yang smg in early map: Thompson M1928 smg in 1944/45...

10th September 2004 08:09

Medic, no ammo, just a knife and a medpack. (if the germans kill them, the one doing the kill should...

11th September 2004 02:09

but if FH are going to have chinese, so japanese MUST need a new rifle japanese rifle in FH is type...

12th September 2004 03:09

Artie Buccowhat makes you sure that a 6.5 round can't kill a man in one shot?You can read something...

12th September 2004 08:09

That Invasion of Sicily have something wrong on that German 150mm gun it cannot fire on the destroye...

9th October 2005 01:10