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i want to join a clan with to nobs good teamwork and a damn good shot. my stats

23rd August 2006 21:08

Hey has anyone played p.o.e mod the guns are very powerfull and the whole game now seems faster ther...

1st September 2006 01:09

the graphics are great but its faster than BF2 so its too fast for me

1st September 2006 02:09

what type of members are you looking for? good teamwork,accurate shot?

1st September 2006 18:09

i think the jeep,tanks etc should hover and the tank shoot lazer beams and the planes should be able...

1st September 2006 18:09

how old do you have to be?

1st September 2006 22:09

that is a good tactic though but big squads are the best tactics

1st September 2006 22:09

14, is that bad?

2nd September 2006 17:09

how do i update my drivers?

30th August 2006 23:08

lol just get a better computer and cheaper internet!

2nd September 2006 17:09

2 days left YAY!

3rd September 2006 20:09

.........This is very bad news i cant beleve hes finally gone at only 44 years old i loved this guy...

5th September 2006 02:09

nah im not old enough i'll pass

8th September 2006 21:09

does anyone have a good clan im old enough and can try out for?

12th September 2006 03:09

yeah i have a mic

13th September 2006 02:09

radio controled rockets would be good or drive big robot things

13th September 2006 17:09

1.4 is a big download it took 6 hours but I have a shit computer but I think you need to download 1....

24th September 2006 17:09

windows vista is better than others you can see throught internet widows and stuff lol

30th August 2006 23:08

some guy removed the screen on the microwave and he died of radiation so microwaves are not good but...

30th August 2006 23:08

hi guys im new be into gaming 2-3 years fave game is BF2 and im hoping to get into a clan.

23rd August 2006 21:08

could some1 make me a sig+avatar signature: a BF2 USMC soldier crouching and aiming with a helicopte...

23rd August 2006 23:08

i thought BF2 got boring before i unlocked wepons now its more fun blasting MECs.splack

23rd August 2006 21:08

get as many killa cans as u can they are good

23rd August 2006 22:08

i hate campers and the jeep in the wall hack in strike at karkand

23rd August 2006 22:08

hi my game will not play sound and the soundbars are 100% plz help

23rd August 2006 22:08
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