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the game a bridge to far is beyond fun. playing the over the lan is amazing. it has its bugs and dow...

20th April 2006 11:04

pointe du hoc is amazing to see, it looks like a moonscape......giant craters all over the place and...

17th April 2006 03:04

I would like to add that in the "others" section the one to the left looks like a sabre f-86, and nu...

14th March 2006 09:03

I hope this movie gets some places to show it in the states, it looks very interesting. I like the d...

11th April 2006 03:04

ist't the fh2 european theator like 5 years away :-)

10th April 2006 23:04

is that man holding the barrel of a '34?

7th April 2006 23:04

the second picture you linked has very sharp lines on everything. to me the tank looks much less fuz...

7th April 2006 04:04

im loving this OGame Im just about to get my first fleet up and running Im on universe 1 if anyone...

4th April 2006 04:04

littletonesUse Katy's as SAM's LOL one of the most angering things as a flyboy is being shot down b...

27th March 2006 07:03

sometimes i feel like the map pack will come out after fh2 :-)

14th March 2006 13:03

if you think latin is dead I wouldn't advise a career in medicine or law

7th February 2006 05:02

oscar989The things he said where the same old stuff that he has said in the last State of the Union'...

3rd February 2006 11:02

Its out friend :-)

7th March 2004 03:03

I seem to remember going through the long adventure of installing .65 but I may be wrong.

16th November 2005 00:11

Is it just me or is that sub picture the first sub the US navy captured during WW2?

10th January 2006 08:01

Dammit, it won't let me post URLs...go to fileplanet and click on the HALFLIFE button. They made Gol...

9th January 2006 03:01

Opps, im a fricken idiot

21st November 2005 10:11

New gen next year? Please tell, I think im pretty informed and I havent heard anything "next gen" wo...

21st November 2005 10:11

Seems like way to many people are getting the admiral. Anyone know that they were going to try him f...

21st November 2005 10:11

Aye,once you get your lvl 15 ship It gets beyond boring. Worse then EQ used to be at high lvls. I wo...

17th November 2005 14:11

Iv been meaning to say this for a week or so now. Last year I uninstalled bf42 after nearly 3 years...

16th November 2005 00:11

Grad student in Political Science foreign serivce. Is anyone out there from Wales? i did my interns...

11th January 2006 03:01

I remember a Dev post mentioning that this couldn't be done unless a SDK kit was released, not sure...

17th March 2004 06:03

I have one on Bocage withe the Lighting only spawning once.

17th March 2004 02:03

Yey! Thanks much for Dev input no matter what happens. These planes need work.

14th March 2004 11:03