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yeah...and a lot of them already are taken...well i have a plan...kill their bf and they are weak an...

25th March 2004 23:03


26th March 2004 00:03

john doe...your pisses me off more when they do it on the bus than in their own home.....

26th March 2004 00:03

freaky nasty...thats not a problem...but it be a problem if they fling their boogers at woul...

26th March 2004 01:03

yes i did tell her to stop when i found not a dumb idiot that will just sit there. haha j...

26th March 2004 01:03


30th March 2004 22:03

The Halocaust isnt that bad...Stalin killed 10x more people than Hitler. A fact many Americans don'...

31st March 2004 04:03

Ah yes...the is their navy:

31st March 2004 04:03

i need to write an interesting story for my lit class, and i dont have any ideas...what are your ide...

16th April 2004 02:04

ok, so i was picking up a friend to go to the store. He lives in the neighborhood next directly nex...

23rd April 2004 21:04

yes he saw me do it...he also has it on his dashboard cam.

24th April 2004 01:04

fghfgfgfjgfjhgfjhgfjhgfjhgfhjgNick Zelazekfjdfdhhjgbfhgbfhgbffhgfdbgjhf.

23rd May 2004 18:05

nvm...i got it.

18th June 2004 18:06
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