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Hey (first time posting on filefront) i was wondering when this would come out, can you tell? also t...

7th April 2007 14:04

I have a intergraded graphics card, my CPU is Intel Pentium IV (don't know how much GHZ) my computer...

4th September 2007 08:09

But just one question your awesomeness, can you post website here please?

26th September 2007 23:09

I really can't wait! I got a low end computer and mohaa is my only game that I keep playing I really...

26th September 2007 23:09

I think the MG42 sound mod can be done, We can improve on the anticheat foresight , larger maps with...

8th September 2007 01:09

oi, BIOS? I'm computer challanged I need the most detailed directions you can give, sorry!

6th September 2007 18:09

What about the fixes/mods I suggested?

6th September 2007 17:09

???? Um, How do I do that?

6th September 2007 13:09

I saw. are you SURE thats the only way to fix this? My family doesn't really have money....

5th September 2007 19:09

Display Driver: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller

4th September 2007 23:09

;P Yeah it's me all right. Was it the "Sorry" or the "Another Request"? I'm trying not to get banned...

4th September 2007 22:09

so can I still open cpanel for a intergraded graphics card?

4th September 2007 08:09

Crap, no it's my computer I was just playing Soldier of fortune and it did the same thing...... mayb...

3rd September 2007 23:09

w00t420 (1 day ago) Show Hide Marked as spam [COLOR=gray]0[/COLOR] (Reply) (Spam) How did...

26th September 2007 23:09

I tried this and took what I believed to be "The worlds funniest facial expression" but when I check...

3rd September 2007 18:09

I tried that it's the same thing.

3rd September 2007 17:09

Also one more thing (Don't kill me , Enders!) For some reasons I can see textures flashing on and of...

3rd September 2007 01:09

I tried thinking of the simplest mods to make my game better and I'm asking for this: **A mod that...

3rd September 2007 00:09

If there was anything you could change about MOHAA what would it be? I know you've proabably heard t...

27th August 2007 08:08

I was starting to entertain the thought of modding and skinning till you said that, thanks for warni...

27th August 2007 08:08

Ah the Unreal III engine: Ragdoll deaths , overkill AI , BOOMstyle FX , Don't we all wish Allied Ass...

18th August 2007 20:08

I can create a free server just by selecting host game and even thought noones been showing up latel...

14th August 2007 21:08

Hey I remember you amigaman! of course I've gone to your sever and will continue to.

10th August 2007 17:08

Not so simple request eh?

7th August 2007 21:08

lol that would help

7th August 2007 02:08