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I have finished making a map and want to find out how to change the icon of it and how to have it li...

25th June 2003 19:06

Im sorry, the file isn't attached. If you want to get it message me, my AoM profile is EatMyNoRzE.

25th June 2003 19:06

I sumbitted a file yesterday and have got no reply and its not posted. I worked hard on it :( Its c...

25th June 2003 19:06

If i meet the recommendations, how do i join? Also, whats your email?

25th June 2003 19:06

If i read correctly, you have to be 13 to register for the forums, I don't think "sucks" means much...

27th June 2003 08:06

This guy is right. Too many rules here. By the way usa i went to, LOVE THAT SI...

2nd July 2003 08:07

Who blurred out M Y T H [...

7th July 2003 21:07

skeletons would be in the wrong places. how do you no where all battles will happen?

7th July 2003 22:07


7th July 2003 22:07