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Not sure, I'm hoping it turns out like the 7800 and the 7900's though because I'll prolly be picking...

26th June 2007 08:06

I seen this a couple days ago and it changed my perspective on GW. I used to think that you know peo...

26th June 2007 08:06

I would say hold it off until the population reaches like 9 billion+ once it becomes a factor.

26th June 2007 08:06

The recommended RAM will be no higher then 2G for sure.

26th June 2007 09:06

Milo;3755367Nothing glorious in going out while being cared for and relying on other people to survi...

26th June 2007 19:06

So, to people with cameras out there. Lets see what ya got. Heres a lil picture I took at my house w...

27th June 2007 03:06

27th June 2007 03:06

Buy a nice little house on lots of land. Live out my days with my family/cars/bikes/computers.

9th December 2012 01:12