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Angelstrikersniper rifle is a skilled weapon, a noob will never be able to hit maybe if he use scope...

9th August 2005 12:08

LMAO lying down

10th August 2005 10:08

the only noob there is, is the one that complains of a weapon

10th August 2005 10:08

pardon the spam but how does your hand shake when your holding a rifle in a game lol these are just...

12th August 2005 00:08

i know why are you in the avp2 discussions

13th August 2005 00:08

i have been shot by one quite a few time but mostly never it would take a pulse rifle to take me dow...

14th August 2005 00:08

uhh mercury01 (as for the most of us jedi hunter people never learn) if someone move while your in z...

14th August 2005 00:08

what is this alien loves predator last time i checked aliens were enemies with predators thats why t...

14th August 2005 12:08

ressurection suc......... there we go again we changed the subject garg!

21st August 2005 03:08

well number 1 reason why avp should have never been a story it self is because jerry and hudson are...

15th August 2005 10:08

well avp wasnt made by fox it was made by darkhorse comics fox had nothing to do with it since the a...

15th August 2005 12:08

im having problems with server crashers they keep crashing my clan server and fuzzy killer said in h...

17th August 2005 04:08

hi guys i made a new quiz check it out http://quizilla.com/users/Apostolos/quizzes/%7BBBY%7DPredator...

17th August 2005 15:08

woops wrong link try this one http://quizilla.com/users/Apostolos/quizzes/%7BBBY%7DPredator%20quiz/

17th August 2005 16:08


18th August 2005 08:08

Mr. WhitlowBecause she killed them... hahahhahahahaha nice comeback

19th August 2005 10:08

RoboGamer face the fact that AlienVSpredator is not a game for truces and no 1 here realizes that th...

20th August 2005 09:08

well the sniper rifle is a armor peircing weapon that practically is a bit stupid usually with an ex...

20th August 2005 09:08

LOL nice

21st August 2005 03:08

All Characters and Weapons are balanced, it's not a matter of opinion it's fact. There's flaws and t...

14th September 2007 13:09